We work with cloud services and IT security. As a specialist in the field of cloud and virtualization, we work with design, installation, configuration, administration and troubleshooting of companies’ server and cloud services.

Today, a modern IT technician needs to be able to both create virtual networks in the ”cloud” and set up physical networks with cables and other hardware.

As a cloud and virtualization specialist, we work to build cost-effective and smart IT environments. In practice, it is about creating a secure and functioning IT infrastructure for the company. An IT infrastructure comprises everything from where servers are located, how the servers are configured, backup, maintenance, access, rights, administration of functions/roles.

We build a reliable infrastructure network in Windows Server. We have knowledge of network architecture, various security aspects and in-depth knowledge of installation, configuration and administration.

Virtualization is the underlying technology that allows you to share physical server capacity between different ”virtual instances” of the servers. this includes designing, deploying, configuring and administering Hyper-V and VMware using administration tools and PowerShell. As well as a focus on the two largest cloud platforms: Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.

Security in IT is a large and important part that runs like a common thread throughout our work.


·         Windows Server

·         Active Directory

·         Server virtualization

·        IT Service Management and ITIL

·         Introduction to cloud platforms

·         Microsoft Azure

·         Amazon AWS