A complete IT department adapted to small and medium-sized companies’ needs for modern and smart IT solutions. Instead of an employed technician, you get access to an entire team, at less than half the cost.

Service agreement for a safer IT environment

With an IT Service Agreement, you get more than IT support. At startup, we come to your workplace and go through the entire IT environment and tailor solutions based on your specific needs.

As a customer, you get help from our competent technicians with everything from common user questions, troubleshooting and troubleshooting to installation and configuration. In addition to fast set-up times, we offer personal service where we have full control of your particular IT environment.

We work proactively through ongoing security checks and monitor your entire IT environment so that any errors can be corrected before they cause problems. In addition, do

we once a year a thorough examination to ensure that your environment is always up-to-date, secure and accessible.

Strategic IT and competent management support

POWEX offers strategic management of the internal IT environment as well as competent support and a sounding board for management. We help you find the best and safest solution for your particular company.

Increase productivity

With POWEX’s complete solutions for migration and implementation, you are quickly on the track with Office 365 or Microsoft 365. We help you with everything from e-mail migration, installation of the Office package, migration to Sharepoint, to training and ongoing user support, all for to lay the foundation for increased productivity in the company.

Secure and smart IT solutions

Our network specialists offer solutions for modern infrastructure and by combining external cloud services such as Office 365 with hosted and local servers, you save money while getting better functionality.

this is agreed in the IT Service Agreement

•  Service desk – Support on existing IT environment with  additional services. User support with remote control or, if necessary, on-site support. Troubleshooting and rectification  of errors in the IT environment included in the IT service agreement. Dialogue with third party suppliers.

•  Operation and maintenance – 24/7 monitoring using installed agents. Alarms and troubleshooting. Real-time inventory of hardware and software. Automated restarts of server services. Installation

of security updates on servers and clients. Software updates. Ongoing service checks (frequency dependent on contract level.

•  Security – Review of security management within  the existing IT environment.

•  Office & Microsoft 365 – Administration and license management.


Of course, we help you with the purchase of the company’s hardware. We install agreed programs on the user’s devices and help them get started

• Start-up project – Inventory of all users, devices and licenses in the IT environment. Installation of agents and possibly antivirus, spam filter. Set of monitoring and alarms. Handover from former IT supplier. Collection and review of documentation all according to agreed conditions for your IT environment.

• Strategic IT – IT plan with current situation, needs, computer policy and proposed solutions.

•  Startup Services – New users, installation  and configuration of computers, mobile devices, and network equipment.

•  IT projects

– New solutions and IT systems.

– Installation server solution, migration of cloud platform and migration to new e-mail solution.

– Setup, configuration and introduction of new solutions in Sharepoint.

– Setup, configuration and introduction of video conference.

•  Training and Consulting – Office 365, Microsoft 365 and Teams.